We’ve put together answers to many of the questions that we are frequently asked.

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What oil paint do you use?

I use Winsor and Newton Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Colours because they are very good quality and help my paint to dry faster. Any artist grade (not student grade) oil…

How do you use turpentine?

I use white spirit or mineral spirits rather than turpentine. However, turpentine will still work for my technique. I use white spirit to clean my brushes as well as to…

Do the tutorials have subtitles?

No, unfortunately the tutorials do not have subtitles. However, if you have hearing difficulties and have purchased a yearly subscription, we will provide you with a written transcript of each…

How do I log in to my account?

The log in button is at the top right-hand corner on our homepage. Enter your username/email address and your password, and you will be able to access tutorials instantly.