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How To Paint A Horse

About this tutorial

Difficulty: Advanced
Canvas Size: 16 x 16

I must admit I felt a little out of my comfort zone with this one. Although I’ve painted many animals over the years, they’ve always been within a landscape, a small element in a bigger scene, usually cattle, sheep or rabbits etc. I’ve always been of the opinion that from time to time entering in to that zone of discomfort and uncertainty is good for our creativity and artistic development and with this painting there was a certain amount of learning “on the job”. I feel it went well and the more I look at it sitting on my studio bench the happier and more proud I feel. It’s not the easiest of paintings and for that reason I would sit it firmly in the advanced category. That said, I recommend all abilities give it a go, step in to the realms of discomfort, push yourself, it will be worth it!

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